Organize and share your
compliance policies

Define and share with the entire company and employees the current regulatory base and internal and external policies, through a proprietary tool that allows the disclosure of laws, rules and norms that govern your business.

Regulatory Basis Icon

Specific tool to manage your company's regulatory knowledge base

Abandon your folders, spreadsheets and generalist document management systems that are not appropriate for managing your legal information base. Organize and disseminate all of your documents to create a single regulatory knowledge base that advises management and guides the principles across the institution.

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Icon representing a Regulatory Base

Document base

Manage and make available a unified and accessible base of documents, laws, codes of conduct and internal and external regulations.

Compliance disclosure and guidance icon

Review and guidance

Maintain a formal process that allows disclosure and guidance to those responsible for the business areas, ensuring the possibility of reviewing information and controlling points of non-compliance.

Compliance Regulatory Calendars Icon

Regulatory calendar

Identify important dates, deadlines, validity of regulations and delivery of action plans aimed at addressing pending points of non-compliance.

Compliance regulatory backlog reports icon

control reports

Keep track of pending points for analysis, review by managers and action plans resulting from non-compliance. Make consolidated reports available to those involved and to the institution's senior management.

Centralized regulatory documentation

Organize internal and external regulations in folders and attributes defined by yourself through an intuitive interface that allows self-configuration.

Locate regulations based on the content of the document itself or by classifying the fields defined for your business. Link documents and calendars in a single tool.

Regdrive Compliance - Navigation in the internal base showing various documents and flows registered by the user.

Content Collaboration

Design approval, review and other workflows for regulatory base documents in the tool itself. Define responsible parties, deadlines and response status for each stage of the process.

Regdrive Compliance - Screen shows various types of documents and calendars registered by users and shows the button to be able to create new types.

Control and view deadlines

Build different regulatory agendas to track the timing of recurring or one-off activities related to regulatory compliance. Define your own fields for your calendar events and relate them to normative base documents.

Regdrive Compliance - Shows the regulatory calendar, where there are different agendas with different events for each agent, showing all in the same calendar with different colors.

Analyze and control

Create various types of reports with graphics through searches in fields and information relevant to your process. Define an operational dashboard with the main indicators to control pending points and non-compliance risks.

Regdrive Compliance - Screen shows configuration options for a report within the system.

Deploy Regdrive compliance best practices