Build value from your specialized regulatory knowledge

Specialized consultancies can use Regdrive to organize their own specialized regulatory content for a specific market and present it to their Clients through a very complete platform. Regdrive will assist its Clients in internal compliance processes, internal controls, auditing and governance.

Offer your customers a complete systemic structure, with your brand

Offer your Clients a complete environment for regulatory management, self-assessment processes, risk management, controls and auditing for specific market processes within your domain of knowledge.

Offer your customers a complete systemic structure, with your brand
Regulatory Basis

regulatory basis

Build up value by organizing and offering your Clientsa system with regulatory documentation for a specific market, with its owncontent and aggregated information based on your knowledge.

Specific processes

specific processes

Design compliance processes specific to the market and regulation in which your consultancy operates. Apply or offer your customers the self-assessment process, present the results and points of attention with an advanced reporting system.

Risk analysis and controls

risk analysis and controls

Use Regdrive to register risks and controls related to Client processes in your consulting activities. Use your regulatory base to manage regulatory risks to your customers' processes.

Specialized audit

specialized audit

Use Regdrive to audit your customers' processes. Use your regulatory basis.

Regulatory basis

Offer your Clients an up-to-date regulatory base, with related considerations and analyzes customized by your consultancy. Send emails informing the availability of new documents. Allow your Customer to register documents related to the regulatory process and engage in internal review processes related to system documents.

Regulatory Basis

Compliance flows

Use Regdrive's flow design tool to design specific processes based on your knowledge of current regulations and the information needed to validate your customers' compliance. Allow your Client to trigger self-assessment flows and make the results analysis available.

Compliance Flow

Risks and controls

Regdrive provides a complete interface for managing risks and controls. Create processes with the main regulatory risks and present the results of the analysis of controls and residual risks to your Clients.

Chart of Residual Risks and Controls


Regdrive provides the complete tooling for performing the external audit by your consultancy or supporting the internal audit, where the consultancy can suggest regulatory tests identified through its market knowledge.

Chart of Audit Objectives

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