Have control over the risks involved in your business

Regdrive offers the best tool for managing internal controls aimed at mitigating potential losses resulting from the company's exposure to the risks inherent to its business.

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Integrated framework of enterprise risk management

Regdrive offers a system strongly based on the proposals of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), providing an integrated structure for an efficient management of the institutions' internal controls.

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makes an analogy to Internal Controls through Risk Managements


Identify and register the risks inherent to your business. Evaluate the probability of the risk occurring and the impact on operations, under quantitative aspects, if the problem occurs. Be aware of the company's degree of exposure to the risks involved.

Makes an analogy to Internal Controls through Internal Controls


Record controls performed effectively to reduce or better manage identified risks. Classify controls as detective, preventative, automatic, or manual, organized as defined by COSO components and principles.

It makes an analogy to Internal Controls through Testing and Monitoring


Ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls through periodic or occasional evaluations and tests over time. Monitor results to define corrective actions or new controls needed to reduce risks.

It makes an analogy to Internal Controls through Reports and Conclusions


Get an overview of risks, controls and tests to produce better strategic indicators and to increase operational efficiency by reducing the company's exposure. Make strategic decisions based on information.

Inherent risk management

It is possible to register the different types of risks: market, credit, liquidity, operational, legal, image, technological, etc. In addition, it is possible to register different types of impact in order to allow a risk assessment that considers scenarios from different perspectives.

Probability can also be associated with different scenarios that can be defined and evaluated individually. The system automatically calculates inherent risk when impact and probability are defined.

Regdrive Internal Controls - Screen shows the folder navigation of the Internal Control Processes and the risks associated with that process.

Controls and residual risk

It is possible to register controls to be considered in every risk assessment and specific controls for a single assessed risk. The system calculates the degree of control through the evaluations carried out. The residual risk is calculated automatically when the inherent risk and control assessment are defined. It is also possible to define directly without considering the detail in the risk definition.

Regdrive Internal Controls - Screen shows risk configuration in the controls tab, showing all controls and their ratings.

Control monitoring

The system allows recording of monitoring schedules and control tests. Action plans resulting from the results can also be related to the assessed risk.

Regdrive Internal Controls - Screen shows the control tests tab within the risks, showing the tests performed on that registered risk.


The platform has several reports and graphs for evaluating the risks and controls recorded in the system. It is possible to structure the risk in order to assess risks consolidated by macro processes, processes and activities. It is also possible to monitor the evolution of results over time in order to measure the effectiveness of controls.

Regdrive Internal Controls - Screen shows various graphs that show various risk assessments in different ways.

Complete system for implementing internal controls