Organization of the National financial system for Financial Institution

We provide the most complete base of regulations from the National Monetary Council, Central Bank of Brazil and other NFS regulators, with daily updates, in a complete database for compliance management, in line with CMN Resolution No. 4595/17.

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GRC + Audit Platform for managing the National Financial System

Complete base of regulations from the CMN, BCB and more than 20 regulatory authorities, organized in folders and cataloged to facilitate the search by related attributes or by the document's content itself.

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Written NFS - National Financial System

Modules and Functionalities


This base can be fed back with comments, documents and internal reports from the organization itself, in a centralized and unified way.

The platform, fed with content from one of our partners, provides a complete base of regulations, with feed and daily updates. Disclosure is done quickly, with a summary of published standards and classified by related attributes for later consultation. The database includes the rules of the CMN, BCB and other NFS regulators.


In addition to the rules separated and organized by regulators, in folders, in the regulatory base, the platform also allows the availability of Consolidations, concentrating the content of CMN and BCB rules for almost a hundred pre-defined subjects and their associated rules.

Connection with the Compliance module to link new standards to risks already mapped. As well as linking a standard to the regulatory calendar.

Risks mapped from a new standard can also be linked to the Internal Controls module.


Allows directing information through the Application of Norms to managers and the main expected areas of the institution, establishing a routine to control the direction of procedures to the requirements of the new regulations, offering means for comments by the teams.

The areas and managers are alerted about the related demands and report the need for an action plan.

Allows you to identify GAPs and monitor action plans to adhere to regulations. Flow to control recurring information deliveries - CADOCs and others - to the Central Bank of Brazil and other regulators.


The regulatory calendar, linked to a new standard, assists in meeting deadlines, the validity of regulations and the delivery of action plans, which aim to address pending points of non-compliance.


Identify and register the risks inherent to your business. Evaluate the probability of the risk occurring and the impact on operations, under quantitative aspects, if the problem occurs. Be aware of the company's degree of exposure to identified risks.

Record the controls performed in order to reduce or better manage the identified risks. Classify controls as detective, preventative, automatic, or manual, organized as defined by COSO components and principles.


Record all audit processes on a specialized platform to assess the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes in the organization. Formulate the Internal Audit Strategic Plan, the Audit Plan and manage the activities allocated to the responsible auditors in an organized and standardized way. Have centralized access to all the results of the evaluated processes.

Identify failures and weaknesses in order to direct the correction of non-compliance points. The platform offers a product that allows you to organize audit processes, through the definition of audit activities, test procedures and registration of points of attention.


Carry out a deep analysis, monitor unanswered demands through reports and graphs, action plans resulting from non-conformities and specific information for each module.

Through reports and dashboard, the manager has a complete view of pending action plans, answered comments, pending applications, standards published in the last 7 days, among other views. These functionalities allow for total control and management, to identify GAPs and follow up on action plans to adhere to regulations.


Questions ready to formulate and apply Compliance Programs to verify compliance with the rules of the National Monetary Council and Central Bank of Brazil. The system controls deadlines for managers to follow up and respond to demands made by the Compliance function.

In addition, a highly qualified team helps answer and support questions about CMN and BCB standards, the Help Desk.
The technological base of Compliance, Risks and Controls and Auditing is provided by Regdrive, the content (regulatory base and the regulatory calendar) and support for doubts, the Help Center, are managed by one of our specialized partners.

The complete GRC + Audit solution for all Financial Institutions