Why use Regdrive?

GRC platform

Regdrive is a complete and powerful platform for governance, risk and compliance management. A system that involves several levels of protection against risks arising from non-compliance with regulations and legislation in force.

Regulatory Basis Icon

Abandon folders, spreadsheets and general document management systems. Organize and share with the entire company and employees a single regulatory knowledge base, internal and external policies, laws, codes of conduct, regulations, rules and norms that govern your business.

Compliance Program Icon

Create forms and flows for the company's self-assessment against regulatory compliance requirements, in order to identify the company's exposure points. Define action plans, tests and monitoring to track the effectiveness of compliance programs. Analyze the reports and indicators that prove compliance with the evaluated points.

Risks and Controls Icon - Internal Controls

Manage the risks inherent to your business. Record controls to manage risk, test and monitor through periodic or one-off assessments for adequacy and effectiveness of controls. Reports present test results with indicators to improve operational efficiency.

Audit Icon

Deploy and record audit processes. Define a strategic plan to analyze the company's main audit processes. Create a schedule and allocate the team by activities. Record all related documents and present the risks and results to the company's senior management.

Regdrive is a configurable and flexible platform

Regdrive is a configurable and flexible platform, based on good market practices and usability. Structured, secure, robust and conceptually very well founded, used by the largest financial institutions, where information security aspects are very strict.

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Our support has trained professionals who assist in the immediate use of the platform, in the design of document models and processes in the tool. Good usage practices are presented to facilitate understanding and get the most out of the tool.

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