Internal audit for
governance processes

Identify failures and weaknesses in order to direct the correction of non-compliance points. Regdrive offers a product that allows you to organize internal audit processes, through the definition of audit activities, test procedures and registration of points of attention.

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Implement a systematic and thorough internal audit process

Record all audit processes on a specialized platform to assess the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes in the organization. Manage the activities allocated to responsible auditors in an organized and standardized way. Have centralized access to all the results of the evaluated processes.

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Analyze the main processes of the organization and define the internal audit processes to be applied in a period of time, based on the information regarding the risk and materiality obtained through the strategic survey.

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Create a schedule of audit activities and allocate staff for survey, execution, and completion activities. Define tests that must be applied in each activity.

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Register all related documents, tests and audit points in a unified and specialized platform. Keep notes and test history for use in future audit planning cycles.

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Generate reports to track the progress of audit activities, compare tests performed, analyze identified audit points and present the results to senior management or stakeholders.

Management of internal audit processes

Organize company processes by analyzing inherent and residual risks, controls and related materiality. Define the main processes to be audited in a period, and access previous plans for consultation, comparison and revision.

Regdrive Audit - Navigation in folders and Audit Objects registered in the system.

Manage audit activities

Carry out the allocation of the audit team to meet the planning of the defined audit processes. Plan activities by surveying previous reports, process history and related regulations. Register related documents such as job opening registration and job proposal.

Regdrive Audit - Tactical Planning planning stage

Execution and completion of the audit

Record the procedures, sampling and results referring to the tests performed in the audit. Manage audit points by informing the situation, criteria, contexts, causes, consequences, impacts, probability, risk level, information about recurrence and related controls. Get a complete view of all tests and points found in the audit process.

Regdrive Audit - Tactical Planning completion stage

Results report

View all process activities, check the detailed status of tests and audit points. Review and publish the results through tables, graphs and with effective conclusions at the end of the process.

Regdrive Audit - Audit Objects Report showing Risk assessment chart and all registered objects in a table.

Use the complete tool for independent audit management