Simple and effetive channel to evaluate organizational complaints

Provide an effective reporting channel to maintain ethics and transparency in your company, providing a healthy and integral work environment.

Ícone do Canal de Denúncias

Count on a simple and intuitive tool, easy to configure, and an excellent ally for identifying and reducing inappropriate conduct.

Implement a channel that guarantees transparency, strengthens ethical culture, and meets regulatory demands. The Regdrive Whistleblower Channel is completely independent, it has a simple and modern interface, that allows you to receive anonymous or confidential reports, always maintaining the total confidentiality and anonymity for the whistleblower, promoting an environment of trusted.

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Ícone de Segurança e anonimato

Secure and Anonymous

It allows the whistleblower to register their complaint and follow it until the final resolution, securely, anonymously, and without identifying themselves. An independent and effective channel for identifying and resolving misconduct that can generate losses of all type.

Ícone de termômetro da cultura

Culture Thermometer

Through reports and dashboards, it allows the company to evaluate its organizational culture and whether the ethical values defined in its code of conduct are being practiced. Furthermore, it conveys to shareholders and customers that the company is concerned about the organizational climate and the well-being of its employees.

Ícone de interface simples e customizável

Simple and customizable

With a simple and modern interface, our whistleblowing channel can be customized with colors, texts, and logo adapting your company's visual identity. Its structure offers a complete administrative area for monitoring reports, from registration to investigation and resolution of complaints.

Ícone de compliance com a regulamentação

Comply With Regulations

Complies with current Brazilian regulation: Laws 14.457/22 and 14.611/23, CMN Resolution 4859, and Normative Instruction 42 for companies regulated by the BCB. An independent, completely secure, anonymous whistleblowing channel that guarantees complete confidentiality and contributes to a complete and effective compliance program for your company.

Secure, independent, and anonymous channel

Deploy your Whistleblower Channel quickly, no installation required, using the SaaS model, in the cloud.

Receive complaints and manage the entire screening, investigation, and resolution process the system through an administrative area. Categorize complaints and allocate specialized teams to triage and investigate each type of complaint. The system automatically identifies whether the person reported is part of the investigation team for that complaint and, in this case, transfers the complaint to another person.

Interact with the whistleblower securely and anonymously to enable a complete and reliable investigation. The whistleblower follows the entire process in a transparent and anonymously away, using the report code randomly generated by the system. He can also attach evidence, photos, and documents to help with proof, providing an independent without conflict of interests.

Regdrive Canal de Denúncias - Interface para o preenchimento de denúncias

Company organizational culture thermometer

Through online reports and indicators, the Regdrive Whistleblower Channel allows the company to assess the health of its organizational culture, and whether the values and best practices defined in its code of ethics and conduct are being practiced.

Strengthen the ethical culture by promoting a transparent environment, encouraging and giving a voice to the company's internal and external public, to inhibit irregular behavior and misconduct.

Regdrive Canal de Denúncias - gráficos sobre as denúncias

Modern and simple interface

Customize the interface of your whistleblowing channel to align with your company's visual identity, change the colors, logo, texts, and the channel name.

With a modern and simple interface, it is possible to configure user profiles, types of complaints, define investigation teams based on report category of the complaint, and easily manage reports and dashboards.

Each report is unique and identified by a number and current status. With each new update, the experts involved in the investigation are notified by email.

Regdrive Canal de Denúncias - Interace geral do canal

Strengthen your company's compliance with an integrated, secure, and easy-to-implement Whistleblower Channel.