Effectively manage your company's compliance risk

Design questionnaires and processes for evaluating the company's compliance. Regdrive allows you to design flows to control regulatory activities such as the implementation of policies, procedures, assessment and verification of risks subject to supervision by regulatory bodies.

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Reduce your company's exposure by better understanding its vulnerabilities through compliance programs

Regularly define compliance programs to be applied for the company's self-assessment against the requirements defined by regulatory bodies and internal policies. Be aware of the main vulnerabilities, in order to focus efforts on improving critical points to reduce the organization's exposure.

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Create forms for triggering self-assessment processes, in order to identify the company's exposure points. Effectively and Systemically manage the collaboration of the business areas involved and increase engagement to resolve identified failures.

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Action Plans

Classify and control vulnerabilities found and establish action plans with related activities, deadlines and costs. Keep track of non-compliance points and related corrective actions.

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Testing and monitoring

Monitor the effectiveness of compliance programs through indicators and recording of evidence or tests that prove compliance with each evaluated point.

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Follow the reports

Carry out a deep analysis, follow through reports and graphs the unanswered demands, evaluation situations by person in charge, action plans arising from non-conformities.

Compliance programs

Create a consolidated list of issues and requirements granularly distributed across policies or regulations. Individually analyze compliance at each point to find out the company's degree of adherence to its focus.

Regrive Compliance Flows - Screen shows configuration of a Compliance Flow process

Collaborative application and monitoring

Design your process on the platform for analyzes resulting from current regulations. Obtain information about the status or receive the "awareness" of employees regarding communications, realignment, training and awareness of critical issues for the company. Control the responses of those responsible for the evaluated processes.

Regdrive Flows of Conformity - Screen shows the status of analyzes carried out based on current regulations.

Monitor points of non-compliance

Organize and check the evolution of points of non-compliance. Prove compliance with the self-assessment of the responsible areas through test records. Always keep a record of evidence for key conclusions in line with senior management.

Regdrive Compliance Flows - Screen shows those responsible for the analysis and dates when each stage of the analysis began.

Detailed analysis of results

Create reports with graphics through searches in fields and important information for your process. Define an operational dashboard with the main indicators to control pending points and non-compliance risks.

Regdrive Compliance - Screen shows configuration options for a report within the system.

Keep your compliance programs up to date and be aware of ongoing vulnerabilities and corrective actions