Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy refers exclusively to the Site and the Regdrive Services Platform, both located at and its subdomains, hereinafter referred to as "Site" and "Platform", respectively.

 Regdrive recognizes that many visitors and customers of the Site and Platform are concerned with the information provided when accessing it and how we treat that information. This Privacy Policy was developed to address these concerns.

Use of our Site or Platform indicates that you have read and accepted the practices described in this document, Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

1. Information Collected

  a.  Regdrive uses standard Internet technologies, such as cookies and user navigation information on the     system, for session control and interactions with the system. In some cases, if the Customer or visitor chooses not to authorize the use of one of these technologies, access to certain information on our Site and Platform may be denied.

  b. The IP - Internet Protocol - used during the use of the system by the user is collected to aid in auditing, monitoring usage and access control.

  c.  The data used for user registration, name and e-mail, are stored and managed on the personal profile page of each user. The data is also accessible to the Regdrive system administrator.

  d. Other data collected, through logs, including:
   I. IP of users;
   II. Accessed pages;
   III. Dates and times of all actions and access to each page of the Regdrive Platform;
   IV. Information about the device used, operating system version, browser, among other installed applications;
   V. Session ID, when available.

   e. The records mentioned in item "d" may be used by Regdrive in cases of investigation of fraud or undue changes in its systems and records.

  f. The data collected for the Compliance Program is stored in a private cloud, in the form of software as a service, SaaS - Software as a Service:
   I.  Private Cloud - the data collected is stored on a server dedicated to the Client, access being restricted to the respective Client's users and administrators for managing the Regdrive system. For a greater guarantee of privacy, it is possible to restrict access to only the Client's IPs.

2. Use of Information

  a.  The data collected is used exclusively to provide the service to the Client.

  b.   Regdrive does not share, rent or sell information collected on the Regdrive platform to other companies.

  c.   LYE Consultoria em Informática Ltda – ME, CNPJ 05.894.784/0001-62, owner and responsible for the development and management service of information technology of the Regdrive system, does not share, rent or sell information collected in Regdrive to other companies, complying with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

  d.  Regdrive may provide access to your information when expressly and legally required by authorities with the right to access the information. In these situations, the information provided will be limited to its purpose.

   e. The sharing of information in ways other than those mentioned in the items above will not occur, unless previously authorized by the Customer.

3. Security

  a.  Regdrive uses robust security measures to protect Customer data to prevent unauthorized access and keep data provided up-to-date and reliable.

  b. Regdrive uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to provide secure access and encryption of transmitted data. The security certificate is provided by Comodo - - one of the main providers of this service in the world.

  c.  The information collected is kept in a secure environment using a firewall and redundancy of infrastructure resources provided by Data Centers 24x7.

  d.  Our hosting services can be performed in countries other than Brazil. By using our Site and Platform, the visitor or Customer agrees with the transit and storage of their information in these countries, if applicable.

   e. Regdrive contains links to other websites. Please note that Regdrive is not responsible for the privacy policies of any of these sites. Therefore, we suggest that you read the privacy policies of these sites in advance before passing on any private information to them.

4. Communication

   Regdrive sends notifications about new information available on the system. The Customer can define the subject and the people who should receive this information. The Customer is responsible for informing when it no longer wishes to receive information that is sent.

5. Change in privacy policy

  Regdrive reserves the right to change this privacy policy. Any change will be notified to customers at least 30 (thirty) days before the change takes effect.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdictiono

  This Privacy Policy will be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, with the Jurisdiction of the Comarca of São Paulo, State of São Paulo being elected to resolve any dispute, issue or supervening doubt, with express waiver of any other, however privileged as it is.