Improve management and regulatory compliance with Regdrive

Efficiently organize and control internal and external regulatory demands with our flexible platform, customized to your processes.

Complete and powerful GRC platform for governance, risk, compliance and audit management

More than a support system, Regdrive offers processes and flows that involve various levels of protection against risks coming from non-adherence to current regulations and legislations, in order to allow better management and control regulation.

Analogous representation of a GRC and Audit platform
Regulatory Basis Icon

Regulatory Basis

Management of documents and internal and external regulations. Control adherence to demands, revisions and related deadlines.

Compliance Flows Icon

Compliance Program

Create and apply processes and questionnaires for compliance verification. Forward issues to those responsible and control feedback.

Risks and Controls Icon

Risks and Controls

Identify and organize the risks inherent to your business and manage the necessary controls to reduce the related impacts.

Audit Icon


Organize and apply process auditing. Record tests and audit points for non-adherent processes.

Regulatory Basis Icon

Regulatory Basis

The organized record of standards and documents related to the business is essential for compliance control.

Regdrive offers a document base management tool, with specific properties, review flows, observations about non-conformities and related action plans.

In addition, it provides a specific and customized calendar with notifications for managing deadlines related to regulatory demands.

Compliance Program Icon

Compliance Program

Regdrive allows the management of the list of requirements, checklist, so that the company adheres to the process, regulation or market standard. In addition, it offers a collaborative tool, allowing the configuration of processes involving those directly responsible, in order to increase the involvement and control of the action plan related to assumed non-conformities.

Compliance reports with the evolution of compliance and points of attention help in decision-making for priority actions to reduce risk exposure.

Risks and Controls Icon - Internal Controls

Risks and Controls

Risks exist and are inherent to every type of business, but they need to be controlled and evaluated regarding the impact in different scenarios and views.

Use Regdrive to identify risks, likelihood of occurrence, impact and quantity. Tests and reports help in management, effective control and conclusion to improve strategic indicators.

When risks are well managed, they reduce surprises and operational losses, which can turn into opportunities.

Audit Icon


With Regdrive you create and evaluate the effectiveness of each process, manage the tasks assigned to each auditor and monitor all the results of the centralized processes.

Create audit activity schedules and allocate staff by activity.

Strategically plan processes to be applied periodically based on risk, reporting, testing and results.

Whistleblower's icon

Whistleblower Channel

Independent and completely secure, it allows anonymous or confidential reports, preserving, in both cases, the confidentiality of the whistleblower.

Complies with of current Brazilian legislation, Law 14.457/22, which makes the anonymous Whistleblower Channel mandatory for companies with CIPA, Law 14.611/23, CMN Resolution 4.859 and Normative Instruction 42 for companies regulated by the BCB.

It allows the investigation process to occur independently and without conflict of interests.

Area that allows the investigation team to analyze with dashboards and reports to assess status and record reports and evidence.

Improve effective risk management for three lines of defense

Graphic with the three lines of defense to the External Audit and the Regulatory Bodies, namely the Internal Audit and the Regulatory Basis at the third level. Risk Management and Internal Controls, Compliance Flows and Compliance Programs and Regulatory Basis at the first and second level

Main differentials

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We have developed a configurable, flexible and customizable tool to meet the demands of each Client, focusing on good usability practices for the system. The processes are designed and executed in a simple way, the modules are interconnected to meet the concepts related to the compliance service.


Our platform is widely used by the main institutions of the Brazilian National Financial System, which has strong regulatory requirements through various regulatory bodies. Robust and conceptually very well founded, the system has strong acceptance in banks and financial institutions, where information security aspects are very strict.


Our platform is immediately available, without the need to install hardware or software. The model for using software based on the cloud, SaaS - Software as a Service, brings agility in the implementation of processes, high availability with reliability in large datacenters, with backups and redundancy. It's accessible from anywhere, as long as you have good internet connections, and it has frequent updates.


Our support has trained professionals who assist in the immediate use of the platform, in the design of document models and processes in the tool. Good usage practices are presented to customers to facilitate understanding and get the most out of the tool.


Integrate Regdrive with the platform your company already uses. Access Regdrive quickly and securely through your corporate email, integrating with the main platforms on the market.

User registration is done automatically, account management and profile management are under the responsibility and security of your IT team.

With SSO - Single Sign-On - the passwords of your organization's users are protected, they are not stored on our platform.


Large and medium companies are using Regdrive for Compliance, Risk, Governance and Audit management

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